Customer’s delight is so important

CCustomer delight is satisfying a customer’s needs with what they expect from your product and thus creating an emotional reaction. When your brand is strong enough, then it leads into the customer loyalty. It is important for every marketer to delight their customer. They are the one who drives the word of mouth advertising and greatly influence the sales and profitability of a company. Customer satisfaction is measured based on the extent to which the expectations of a consumer is met via Key Performance Indicator.

Advantages of Customer Delight:

It is important to note that most of the business spends their major money and time on acquiring customers. Have these points in mind while you are in this process.

Loyal Customer Base

Your product is successful only when the quality of that particular product is better when compared to your competitors. Quality factor creates loyal customers leading to repurchase of the product.

2. Low Price Sensitivity

Customers have extremely low price sensitivity. They are willing to pay any price, as long as the promised value is received from the product/service.

3. Snowball Advertising

Customer delight receives a free word-of-mouth advertisement from the fanatic and keen customers.

HOW to delight your customers?

Here are some points to make you more knowledgeable on how to delight your customers.

  • Building trust is the core strength for delighting customer and it can build any interaction.
  • Customers should be educated about the product - why and how it gives solution for their problem.
  • Empowering makes customer feel the belongingness with the product thereby creating communications that also engages them.
  • Listen to your customer’s need and provide them what they want.
  • The people should be served with the innovated product at right time.
  • Following up helps to boost your revenue from existing customer and customer retention.

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