Why inbound marketing is important?

IInbound marketing is where marketing activities generate visitors rather than marketers going out to bring in a prospective customer. In recent times, inbound marketing is seen as more effective as it attracts the attention of the customers by luring them through interesting web content. Inbound marketing has made headway since the year 2006 by producing quality content that attract people towards a company and its products. This kind of marketing is also about creating and distributing content that is targeted at answering the needs and questions posed by customers and sharing the content widely. In short, inbound marketing is multi-channel wherein it approaches people wherever they are through a channel where they can interact easily. All the content is integrated and the right content reaches the target at the right place and time. VidEngage is a marketing automation platform that excels in customer engagement through quality content. Being a people centric company, it has forayed into the video email-marketing sector with its enhanced features. Video email marketing is new tool used by inbound marketers to reach a wider audience that leads to more customers. People get attracted to good video content than plain text as it has instant recall. With this type of inbound marketing, the right visitors are attracted and this in turn gets converted to better leads, which in turn will be leading to prospective customers. Marketing tools like customer relationship management, closed loop reporting, email and marketing automation can help with facilitating sales, integrating marketing efforts with the sales team. Emails focusing on content can help the customer decide and trust the company. Such marketing automation and lead management can help the company in every step of the way. Video has become an integral part of our lives. It is a convenient and efficient method used by marketers and is attractively packaged to gain potential customers. Being a shared medium it proves to be an effective marketing tool than print and direct mail. In short content marketing rules the market and video marketing has become crucial to any business. Spending on video marketing has increased. Unlike the other types of marketing, video marketing has a direct connect with people. When there is a teaser video, people’s curiosity compels them to watch it to see what it is all about. With a testimonial through video the people get the confidence to trust the company. More than 75% of marketing professionals are hoping to use the video to increase brand awareness. With video marketing gaining prominence each year the conversion from email to video will be a great marketing platform to communicate better with the customers and enable sales.

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