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What is it with vidEngage

vidEngage makes your lead tracking process more powerful. Lead scoring system that comes with vidEngage assists you analyse, create assets, identify the workflow, run campaigns and create drips for effective drip marketing All this is possible through our intelligent tracking techniques from landing pages, forms, emails and social media. vidEngage can easily integrate with your CRM or any other systems that you maintain and send the updates to you.

Lead nurturing made easy

Your website has few visitors day to day. We do not know much about them at the initial stage, they can be identified with their IP address only. No other data is available about the new visitor. Further we could get to know a little of their geographical information. Let's say this new visitor is interested in your website and browses few pages here and there.

When this new visitor lands on a specially designed landing page with a form that has call-to-action, this form would collect some information about this visitor. The new visitor who was an IP address now has a name, email, contact information etc, which was collected, making them a known visitor.

Along with the call-to-action forms, lead list setup is also done to collect the visitor information and include them in certain campaigns that would be appropriate. Campaigns are usually created to send emails - be it normal text emails or video emails, post in social media, or to perform some action depending on the interaction had with the user. Campaigns are designed to take decisions automatically, to perform actions based on user interactions thereby saving your time and avoiding manual effort.

When such campaigns are initiated, there you start getting your leads. Leads qualify for points on performing certain actions. Points get accumulated as and when they perform any action. Leads with more points would obviously top the list and become your top lead. These top leads would automatically move into your company's CRM or any other system your company maintains for lead tracking. These leads are those whom your team should approach to make them your customer.